One Week Until Cress!

Yup. I’m *that* excited about this book.

If you don’t know which book I’m talking about, then you must stop reading this blog post immediately and go pick up CinderIt’s (predictably enough) a retelling of  Cinderella, but in this version, she’s — SURPRISE! — a cyborg. And I’m kind of obsessed. Cinder and its sequel, Scarlet, (part of a four-part series called the Lunar Chronicles, written by Marissa Meyer) are everything romantic and adventurous that we expect from fairy tales. But they’re also a million times better, because they’re:

  1. Impeccably written.
  2. Beautifully intertwined.
  3. Set in an alternate future where Earth is being invaded by a species of not-quite-humans who live on the moon and are ruled by an evil queen. Cinderella’s a cyborg, Little Red flies a ship, and Rapunzel (soon to be introduced to the series as the title character in Cress) monitors Earth from a lonely satellite.

I read these books last winter. And then I reread them in November. And I’m going to read them again this week. I usually try my hardest to be objective about books, but right now I just can’t be with these. I love them, and when I reread them, I spend the next week walking around with a giant book hangover. The marketing campaign for Cress has been massive and engaging: they keep trying to pull me in and I just want to tell them, “Please stop teasing and give me the book!” (Don’t ask me how many contests I entered trying to win an ARC. The answer is embarrassing.)

The silver lining, though, is that Marissa Meyer is absolutely delightful. Her blog is relatable and consistently updated (yes, I stalk it), often featuring thoughts about her writing process and advice for other young writers. She isn’t shy about her past as a writer of Sailor Moon fanfiction and she participates regularly (and vigorously) in NaNoWriMo. She’s also generous with content, releasing chapters of her books online for free and uploading short stories that also take place in the Lunar Chronicles world.

I’m a fan.

Pre-ordered my copy weeks ago, so I could just twiddle my thumbs until it arrives, but fortunately I have plans to hold me over until next Tuesday.

  • Reread Cinder and Scarlet.
  • Stalk the blog and the tweets.
  • Read the posts Marissa is writing for the Cress blog tour.
  • Read the newest short story: The Little Android.
  • Cosplay.
  • Eat, shower, and sleep. At least a little bit.

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