J’ai visité à Bon Appétit!

The nice folks over at Bon App would probably be sad that I just wrote my hed about their magazine in French.

They’ve tried really hard to rebrand in the last few years. Check out the logo change:



And I’m not saying it hasn’t worked. I’m not an avid reader of the magazine, but the staff that I met today at my visit to 4 Times Square (the home of Condé Nast’s publications) were young, entertaining, and relaxed. They told us about the chaos that is a typical creative meeting, boasted about their Twitter and LinkedIn skills, and described the delicious things their coworkers bring for lunch.

I know you’re wondering. No, they didn’t give us food to taste. However, we did see the test kitchen – and if you ever feel like breaking into the Condé Nast building, you should know that they sample every day at 3pm.

The biggest difficulty in running a food magazine? The lag between recipe development and the issue itself. You’ve got to get strawberries in February and turkey in July, and that gets expensive. Also, who wants to write about Thanksgiving in July?

Advice from one of the juniors editors:

  1. Learn how to do video.
  2. Get on social media & get good at it.
  3. Never say no.

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