The Central Park Not-Quite-Zoo

Today, I decided that it was high time I made it to Central Park. We got out of class early yesterday, and it was really, really nice – but I was so tired that I ended up just curling up in bed with A Clash of Kings and taking catnaps in the afternoon sunshine.

But this morning, I was well rested and just a little stir-crazy. So I called up my new friend and fellow Vagabond Rachel and suggested that we head up to the Park.


It was such a relief after two weeks of city to see some trees.

We did some wandering and climbed some giant rocks to sit in the sun and read. Then, because we both burn faster than lobsters, we moved to a shady spot by the Pond, where we idled away a few hours. Briefly, we considered going to the Zoo, but for $12 it just didn’t seem worth it. It turned out, however, that we didn’t need to pay to see a zoo’s worth of critters.

We saw four turtles!

Turtle #4

And lots of small birds…

Small bird

…and several big birds, including this guy, a flock of sleeping ducks, and some playful geese…

More birds!

…and several schools of fish, more pigeons than I want to count, and dozens of adorable dogs out walking their owners.

We were also lucky enough to see our first NYC rats, a big brown pair (nothing like my cute research rats) that were bold enough to attack a pigeon.

Two rats and a pigeon

They kind of creeped us out, so we decided we’d had enough nature for the day and ran off to get cupcakes at Magnolia’s.




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