That’s the name of the idea that will be a magazine in just a short couple of weeks.

Well, not a real magazine. But pretty darn close: it will have several full articles, a cover design, a website layout, a profits & losses sheet, a list of advertising hopefuls, a mission statement, a planned launch event, a marketing strategy, and layouts for Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, Spotify, and Youtube pages. Pretty much the only thing missing is actual money.

The last two days have been a really great beginning to what’s sure to be quite the project. We proposed our ideas to three of our program’s directors yesterday morning (just 24 short hours after arriving at the Woolworth for the first time), and they seemed to like it. We fleshed out our ideas more last night, and presented them again today. The verdict? We have too many ideas (which is really one of the better problems to have, if you ask me).

I’m really pleased with our group. So far everyone has loads to contribute, and is really great about listening to other people and talking out differences of opinion. Other groups have hit some snags (interpersonal and creative), and I can only hope that the sailing stays smooth for us.

Really starting to get excited about the project though. The last few weeks have been a crazy whirlwind of changes in my life, and it’s nice to have something very concrete to focus on.

I’ll leave you with an early concept of what our magazine’s logo might look like:



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