E-book Jitters

There’s no denying that e-books make people nervous.

I have a friend who won’t allow the word “kindle” to be spoken aloud in her presence. Instead, we all have to go around saying “that evil device you read books on” and explain to every less enlightened friend in earshot what’s going on.

I think she’s being ridiculous.

I’ve been thinking a lot about e-readers in the last few days; it’s one of the assignments for SPI. The conclusions that I’ve come to? While I was unwilling to get a Kindle originally, I’m not sorry I have one now. It makes travel really easy, and it lets me get a hold of books I might not normally read or encounter. But the reading experience is less than ideal: annotation is tricky and it’s nearly impossible to flip back to an earlier interesting section to annotate. There’s also the sentimental things, like “It doesn’t smell the same” and “I like turning the pages.”

All of this, of course, is just my opinion.

Here’s some research worth consideration.


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