And It Begins

Today, we received an email containing our pre-program assignments for NYU’s Summer Publishing Institute. And they’re not messing around.

There’s a lot. It’s something along the lines of: Oh, can you just familiarize yourself with six different magazines in their print and digital and tablet forms, and also with the magazine industry in general, and oh, think about your own magazine project, and surf the entire internet, and learn to use an e-reader, and start a new blog?

Well, I know how to use an e-reader. So that’s a start.

And this is a blog. So that’s a start, too.

The rest of it, though, is terrifying and overwhelming and so exciting. For the first time, I really believe that I’m going to walk away after six weeks with an impossible amount of knowledge. It’s because I’m going to work impossibly hard. And I’m definitely okay with that.

See you in two weeks, New York!


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